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Superficial treatment of metal

Metalvar New offers to its customers more than 30 years experience, researches and studies in metal surface treatment.


The best solutions to market

The company main aim has always been that of performing high quality cold metal-spray and ceramic coatings, searching for the best solutions according to market needs.


 Le possibili applicazioni sono pressoché infinite e la sua grande sfida è quella di farsi carico di ogni nuova richiesta nella maniera più professionale possibile, continuando ad investire in tecnologie all’avanguardia ed in coating sempre più specifici.

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Technological laboratory inside the company is Metalvar New’s flagship.
An entire area of the productive plant is dedicated to the metallographic laboratory.

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Why choose Metalvar New

Metal and ceramic cold coatings

Over the years many sectors have taken advantage from metal surface treatments, so much so to make them essential and unreplaceable for their own products. In this context, Metalvar New always gives great importance to the guarantee of the process, its customers must be sure to purchase metal and ceramic coatings both in compliance with agreed standards and reproducible over the years.
Metalvar New is an agile and dynamic company, that made in quality and professionalism its strong points. Nothing is left to chance, the customer is followed from the first important phase, the study of the most suitable surface treatment, up to the quality check of the final product and to more and more rigid certifications.

– Metal coatings
– Ceramic coatings
– High standards

– Study of the treatment
– Quality check
– Certifications


Our strategic sectors

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Superficial treatments and ceramic coatings: our r&d metallographic laboratory

High quality standards Metalvar New is able to offer are supported by continuous research and analysis: over the years the company has made considerable investments in the metallurgical laboratory, as much as to make it one of the most complete and innovative in Europe.

Thanks to the onsite laboratory, the company develops new surface treatments every year, making the ones already used more efficient. Through its research the company aims at obtaining ever-increasing performances of its superficial coatings.

Metalvar New will answer to your requests, analysing the most suitable metal surface treatment for your products. Our specialised technicians will find the most powerful solution and technology, case by case.

If you have corrosion, wear or oxidation problems, if you would like to improve your products performances or if you simply need to give your products worn by use and time a new life, Metalvar New will surely be able to offer you the best coating solution.


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