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Metallic and ceramic coatings to withstand high temperatures

Foundry is the plant designated to the production of metal objects and components through melting and casting of metal into special containers or molds. Semi-finished products obtained in the foundry are called casts or castings. This transformation process can involve iron, steel and other types of metal.

The process can take place in a transitory form, when the mold used to forge the piece is destroyed during the de-molding phase or it can take place in a permanent form if the mold is kept and then reused in other production processes.

With regard to the transitory procedure, it can be carried out by means of drop casting or through investment casting or policlast. After founding the molten metal and following its solidification, the mold is inevitably damaged during the final extraction of the piece when one of these methods is used.

With permanent casting process, molds are made of metal materials, generally cast iron or steel, so as to allow them to be reused in other production cycles.

Metalvar New has developed specific coatings for these molds. The main characteristics are erosion resistance due to the passage of the molten metal at high temperature and a good detaching power to support the final de-molding phase of the product.

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