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Environmental friendly electric energy, Metalvar New's solutions in the green energy field

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Improving performances for a cleaner energy

The provision of environmental friendly energy has been one of the most discussed central issues in recent years on a global level. The primary need is to produce large volumes of electricity in the best ecological way.
Europe has decided to start closing all coal-fired power stations in the EU for many years now, as they have become obsolete and, above all, environmental unfriendly. This fact, together with the certain electrification of most forms of transport and the increase in energy demand for production and domestic activities, has given rise to the intensive and widespread construction of wind, hydroelectric and gas power stations throughout the territory.

The challenge of the modern world is to be able to meet the growing demand for energy by exploiting “green solutions” as much as possible. These are based on the production of the so-called ‘clean energies’.

Metalvar New operates in these sectors by producing cold coatings that significantly improve the performance of electrical plants. The innovative solutions used allow to increase the useful life of the main mechanical parts of gas turbines, wind power plants and hydroelectric power stations, lowering service costs and limiting maintenance interventions to a minimum.



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