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Fluoropolymer coating

Fluoropolymer coating

Fluoride coatings as PTFE, FPA, FEP, ECTFE and PEEK are largely used in the industrial field, due to their marked non adhesive power, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication and anti-abrasive properties.

Advantages are various, such as a strong productivity increase, reduced machine breakdowns thanks to the fact that workpieces can be easily cleaned, a costant quality of the final product and less production scraps.









Materials with different characteristics can be coated through this technology, starting from classic metals i.e. steel, aluminium, cast iron and brass, up to elastomers and rubber.

Packaging and food industry are the main users of fluoride coatings. Coatings with strong non-stick properties are used to avoid adhesive events between mechanical components of production systems and the materials used, as for example different kind of food, glues and inks.


Cold coatings resistance combined with fluoropolymers fluidity: the perfect mix

Non corrosive and abrasive-resistant coatings are mostly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial sectors.
These coatings provide a physical barrier between base material and the related corrosive agent.They are excellent for avoiding salt corrosion and in case of acidic materials even at high temperatures.

Metalvar New is also able to offer to its customers a mix of cold metal-spray, ceramic and fluoride coatings.
An infinite number of combinations can be thus obtained, combining wear and corrosion resistance properties with non adhesive power and self-lubrication characteristics. In general, it is unlikely to find these kind of features in a single product.


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