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Working in quality

Metalvar New has always adhered to “producing quality” idea. This aim can be achieved only thanks to team involvement and pro-active roles and by developing a real “quality culture”.

Key conditions are:

  • Knowledge of the company organization core criteria
  • Knowledge of production process

Main objectives:

  • Focus on quality legislation
  • Knowledge of key concepts on quality system

Each quality system has proper structure and properties which vary according to type of product, tools and machines necessary for production, company organization.

Each quality system is therefore unique while satisfying and being compliant to UNI EN ISO 9000 requirements.

Following the above criteria, Metalvar New has focused on manufacturing automation.
A highly automated production drives to a strong quality increase which rewards the company from charges; it leads to a decrease in production waste up to achieve “zero-defect” target.

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Quality certification

Metalvar New is certified to ISO 9001 whose standards regulate quality management system and guarantees an optimal implementation of business, product and services.



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