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flame wire

Flame wire: we restore your components

Flame wire is the most employed technology among those applications that require cold coatings, largely metallic coatings, with high thickness and good hardness values.

Using this process worn mechanical components can be restored, for instance bushings, cam shafts or rolls.

It is possible to perform antifriction coatings such as bronze/aluminum coatings on sleeves and pistons, molybdenum coatings on selector forks or syncronized rings and white metal coatings on any type of bearing.









Another field of application of flame wire technology is that concerning anti-corrosion surface treatments.
By using zinc, aluminium, stainless steel wires or even austenitic super alloys as Inconel 625 it is possible to create a thick passivating layer able to protect the coated base material from corrosion.

To sum up flame wire process

A flame wire system exploits thermal energy that results from an oxyacetylene flame inside which the coated material is conveyed in the shape of wire.

This is instantaneously melted thanks to the high temperature involved.

Liquefied centesimal particles are atomized through a jet of compressed air at controlled pressure.

These ones, crashing at high speed into the properly prepared base material, instantly lose their heat and buckling, they plastically fasten to each another creating in this way the coated layer.


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