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Steel industry

Coatings in steel industry

Steel industry is the branch of metallurgy involved in the production of metals in various forms. In particular, steel industry deals with the transformation of minerals with a high iron content into cast iron and steel.
Once extracted from the mines, the working process of ferrous materials begins in the steel plant. Being the iron a considerable reactive component, it can be found in nature generally as oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, silicates and sulphides.

The main equipment used in the steel industry for the production of grey iron is the blast furnace. This plant is loaded with a mixture of coke, limestone and iron minerals, high temperatures involved, combined with the chemical reactions between the oxides in ferrous minerals and the carbon of coke, allow the formation of molten grey cast iron. From this element it is then possible to obtain steel through different production processes. However, any productive process of steel from blast furnace cast iron consists in removing extra carbon amount and other impurities.

Our products

Avoiding corrosion at high temperatures: Metalvar New's coatings make it possible

At the beginning of 2021, steel production stood at around 490 million tons of materials worldwide, with China, India and Japan at the top of the list of producers; in Italy, steel industry represents the primary activity of the entire industrial system, with over 70,000 direct employees and a turnover of almost 60 billion.

Metalvar New operates in the steel industry by producing coatings resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, with the aim of extending the life of the components treated, thus limiting downtime and favouring production.

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