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Clutches and gearshift forks

Coatings for clutches. Metalvar New’s solutions to improve shiftings.

Clutch is the mechanical component that allows to suspend the transmission of motion between the engine and wheels. Using the clutch, it is possible to halt the vehicle without having to stop the engine and then reboot it when starting, and at the same time it is possible to obtain a gradual transfer of the torque.

Clutch, by connecting two shafts that rotate at different speeds, allows to transmit the rotary motion through the mutual friction of the discs. The engagement / disengagement of the clutch can take place mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically.

Located between the engine and the gearbox, clutch allows to temporarily disconnect the torque, to select the appropriate gear ratio and to disconnect wheels from the engine when the vehicle is stationary, while keeping the driving shaft rotating.

Metalvar New has developed special coatings capable of exploiting discs friction reactions to improve the detachment of the clutch itself. The two sectors Metalvar New mainly deals with are those of Speedway and Rally motorcycles, for which it performs cutting-edge coating solutions.


Coatings for gearshift forks

Gearshift forks
are components that come into operation on the synchronizer. They hook the ring responsible for the gear change. A fork, in detail, works by detaching this ring from the special gear at the moment of the change, and then going to hook the next one, thus making it possible to gear shift.

It is therefore very important to intervene in a preventive measure on these mechanical parts to avoid wear of the forks and seizure phenomena between the fork and synchronizer.

Metalvar New is able to create bronze, copper and molybdenum coatings that perform exactly this function, while improving at the same time the performance of the shifting.

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