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Quality and sevice: Metalvar New's missions

Why we make the difference

The capability of structuring real coating processes is what especially distinguishes Metalvar New from its competitors. The company makes the ten-year experience of its technicians available to customers on a daily basis, so as to identify the most suitable solution for their needs. It is not just a question of creating single components or services, but of designing repeatable process standards able to guarantee the best type of intervention for each specific situation.

Great importance is given to the preliminary analysis of the work to be done. In fact, in this phase, the type of coating to be performed and methods by which it will be applied and finished are defined. Simultaneously, the onsite technological laboratory sets coating requirements carrying out all the necessary metallographic analyses so as to be able to freeze process parameters for the future.

The working method that follows is that of a real production chain as guarantee of high quality and process repeatability through time.

Innovation and training, the commitment of Metalvar New

To offer an even greater guarantee of quality, we have invested, and we will continue to do so also in the future, considerable resources and energies for our internal technological laboratory, as well as for the training of our human resources.

Metalvar New has been committing large part of its resources and energies to the technological sector for years now.

To date, the company operates one of the most advanced metallographic laboratories dedicated to the micrographic analysis of coatings. A real show-piece of the company, it is constantly updated both from a mechanical point of view, purchasing the latest generation machinery, and from a human point of view, keeping the training of its technicians at high levels with continuous refresher courses.


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