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Metalvar New is equipped with a state of the art technological laboratory.

The internal tecnological laboratory is the strong point of Metalvar New.

A whole production area of the factory is in fact dedicated to the metallographic laboratory.

In this structure the most important step of the entire business process is performed: the metallographic test of thermal spray coating.
The process being equal and at the same chemical composition, cold coatings can show diametrically opposite characteristics, when changing the type of system used or spraying parameters. Possible combinations are almost unlimited.

Without a tecnological laboratory dedicated to the coatings analysis it is not possible to exactly establish which type of coating you are going to perform and above all, it is impossible to determine which spraying parameters influence its characteristics.

The technological laboratory has passed strict quality tests over the years, often under the supervision of final customers.
Coating analysis is a process that require a long technical training and a constant scientific update.
Multiple qualifications received over the years are a natural consequence of economic and physical efforts implemented by the company in this area.
To keep up with the times and to constantly improve innovative solutions it is necessary to invest in research and development.

Research, development and certification as a guarantee of quality

The internal laboratory allows Metalvar New to certify all the works carried out for its customers quickly and effectively.

Speed factor should not be underestimated, nowadays world runs very fast, being able to deliver goods together with the concerning certification is of primary importance from a business perspective. These factors represent greater guarantee for customers, who will thus be able to demonstrate they have purchased works according to standards actually required.


Experience gained over the years by its specialised staff, the ability to elaborate made-to- measure and adaptable solutions allow Metalvar New to meet the most different requests.

If you need a customised coating solution contact our company without obligation: our technicians will be able to identify the most suitable coating for your needs.


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