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Production and wear: Metalvar New's solutions

Despite the ever-increasing level of digitalisation achieved in most areas of the world, paper is still a consumer good it is not possible to do without. According to Assocarta in fact, paper industry production in 2020, only in Italy, reached 8.5 million tons – of which about 3.6 million tons destined to export – for a turnover of over 6 billion euros.

It is a material with high absorbent properties, obtained from components which are mostly vegetables-based, assembled through a process of felting and then drying. Adhesives, dyes, mineral substances and other components can be added to the sheets.

Paper is used in many sectors: domestic, educational, industrial, medical and sanitary, communications, for banknote (watermarked paper) and wallpaper production, among many others.

Our products

The paper market includes both paper mills and print shops. Mills are responsible for the actual production of various paper (or paper-based) materials, while the print shop deals with the imprinting of the desired signs upon paper using the most varied techniques (typography, lithography, screen printing, offset printing, etc.)

Metalvar New provides highly customised ad hoc coating solutions for the paper industry in accordance with the production requirements.
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