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Metalvar New’s coatings for rolling mills

Steelworks is the steel centre responsible for the transformation of cast iron into steel.
This high carbon content iron alloy is placed in a ladle, melted and turned into liquid steel by a converter.
At this stage the metal is poured into blooms and sent to a rolling mill, which will then have the task, by means of plastic deformation, of transforming it into sheets, rods, beams, rails, etc.

Lamination is therefore the process with which the malleable metal block is subjected to plastic deformation that progressively affect the entire volume, by means of repeated passages between two cylindrical or shaped rollers rotating in the opposite direction.
The assembly formed by the frame and by two or more cylinders mounted in axis between the two columns is called cage. These mechanical parts together with the engine and the transmission form a rolling mill.

Metalvar New has been leader in the production of cold coatings for steel industry for years.

Types of coating

Among the most used coatings we can include:

  • Chromium oxide on labyrinth rings
  • Molybdenum on frames
  • Tungsten carbide on lamination cylinders
  • NiCrBoSi alloys on rollers
  • Aisi 316L on electrogalvanizing rollers



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